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Poem By Ragy Sandid

What a feeling
To come out of it
As if someone was reeling
You a mile a minute

Today you may stand
Tomorrow, who knows?
Your nerves may band
In illness, they let go

Shaken, you hold on
To reality's structure
But even that affect your bone
Slicing time to fractures

So where are you now
In this zone of heaven's hell
To everything you bow
Yet it is better to leave than dwell

Reality takes on another guise
And you wake to its difference
Reality offers to you its prize
It's time for you to go the distance

Because you discover
That everything you knew is new
It was just undercover
It's a crime and the suspect is you

Awake, the words redressed
And now you have a new set of heels
Illness can make you supressed
A cure makes sure you know how reality deals

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Illness makes you suppressed A cure makes sure you know how reality deals Congrats... Thanks for sharing