POISON, she holds in a bowl
pushing it to my lips,
to drink it,
and join her in the
in the darkness of her
walk hand in hand
with her, on the other-side
with nobody there to console
where reality is drowned into
never ending story
of brutality
where you try to live forever
and it always ends in fatality
pretty much everyday
and your feelings just subside...
just follow her path to disbelief
no questions,
and no relief -
where the moon is always
eclipsed and never full
where happiness is optional
and mood is always dull
where you walk through
the gore of spilled guts
and rivers of blood
to get to your imaginative destination
and never rest,
where love is a mere condition
but hate for love is
full of fascination
that place is a living hell of your compromises....

by Khalid Hameed

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