JP ( / Canada)

Computer Friend

You're seconds away
Yet reality says the other way
You're within my fingertip's reach
But reality denies it from me.

That face so alive
And so life-like to me
The smile so real, yet
But an image to me.

The thoughts and feelings still true,
And wondrous for me to see of you
Love that's sincere, bloomed through words
By night and day imaginations yearned.

Love can this be true
Am I really smitten by you?
How can I be? Without
Ever seeing the reality of you?

Feelings existing on the go
Love you have swept me off
My feet and I don't know
Where it would lead me to.
But what would matter none
My love I already have won.

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I so like poem very much. It remains me of a past experience...very nice!