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Into this woman a seed was planted,
9 months later on this planet a man was birthed,
cursed since conception made to roam this earth alone,
biological father gone, he grew to know abuse
never love, felt use-
less, stressed, and oppressed,
left with nothing but the heart beating in his chest,
breathes experienced only shortcomings,
pain to the point of a numbing, feeling,
feelinigs, no longer felt,
adversity dealt him hisself,
felt tip pens, and lead fragments, left on sheets,
introduced him to brief peace, of mind,
that grew twice as fast as peers, wisdom beyond years,
caused by tears shed, and blood bled, he then fled,
the confinements,
that held him back from his life and soul,
only to discover that the globe was less accepting,
lessons taught for generations, of hatred,
left him with a dilemma,
the masses won't listen to a second class citizen,
with the ambition of grippin' microphones,
a stereotypical image was given, to him,
but through him god must speak,
to humans that bring him nothing but grief,
his trust in men ceased, he becomes withdrawn,
poem upon poem, song upon song,
carry him on, along with scripture and faith,
as fate carries him through life,
on an unknown path, to an unknown place.



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There is a reason for our suffering and that is to gain great strength in character, in order to see the world as it truly is and spread the word of stepping back for the abyss. A sad tale of the lonely wanderer, so glad you found your strength in poetic form. Smiling at you, Aciiiiiid Testing