TS (4/26/87 / Indianapolis)

Conception Of Perfection

Destined to fail before we even start,
A gloomy feeling sets over the ground,
Then it happens,
Your instantly contaminated with 'what ifs' and 'I hopes',
It seemed cold only getting colder,
Feeling was wasted breath,
So really the only thing to do now is discuss,
A topic you prefer or perhaps the blank conversation is neccessary,
It's led on to be nervous, but when you really stop to look,
The beauty takes the life right from you,
For a moment I think you kept me alive,
And for this I owe you willingly,
Forever in my head,
An instant scar of what I don't deserve,
Until time is played out, dreaming will suffice,
And a smile on you is all it truly takes to live.

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