Concepts Concrete

On my shoulder was a chip!
Growing to aggrevate others,
As I lived with it.
But learned I did to let it go.
My burdens were mine...
And I could not define them.
Nor could I let others know!
There was a pain I could not show.
Doing my best to hide it.
Deny and alone defy it!
Until a glow of light released me,
Above and beyond...
The agony inside me for years that went on!
To orbit and look upon my own imperfections.
With a power to inspect and correct them.
I knew my conflicts then were self inflicted.
Chaos was an option.
I had become addicted!
This is 'all' I knew.
Many like me believe,
They have to prove 'something'!
Or to grieve in sorrows received.
And I asked myself...
Are my concepts concrete?
And come from God?
I did not find it odd...
There was no response to ponder!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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You are much too talented to have any doubts or chips. Wish I had a quarter of the talent you have....really good poem that I can relate to well........marci.xo