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Poem By AHO Speaks

We live in a world of part spirit and part mind
One fills us with wonder while the other ethically binds.

One allows us to do the impossible and fills us with awe
The other brings forth the beauty of holy law.

One sanctions a view of the eternal face
The other to understand the meaning of a human race.

One is a gift from and for earthly time
The other a unique gift, eternally yours and also mine.

One a gift that we can truly feel
The other makes our future very real.

One is a compassionate three
The other understood in a holy trinity..

One is singular and not easy to find
The other to be found in the human mind.

One that is true and never to deceive
The other allows us to intellectually believe.

Truly the Alpha and Omega include a holy one
Conceptual truth of a creator, in the image of our earthly sun..

10-16-05 Aho Speaks

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