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He doesn't understand just how much I love him.
I obsess over his smell his touch his command his demands.
When I wake up in the morning I roll over just to smell his pillow because I know that he's already awake and has started his day and
the chances of me being caught in the act are slim to none
so I take advantage of the moment to bask in remnants of his energy.
Just to know that he was here that his flesh touched the very spot where I now lay.
Such a privileged delight.
I take so much bliss in the rumination alone that I'm so moved to touch myself
Only to come to the realization that even when you're not around I still am entranced and moved by your being in every way imaginable.
I emphasize on thoughts of you shoving your dick in my face
the texture of your balls
your big black dick when it's rock hard in my mouth
and I whisper it to myself
Me begging my higher power to have mercy on me enough to release the cum from your dick because I know just how good you taste.
I can taste it even now.
It beckons an orgasm so strong and I cum so hard making sure not to make any noise so my cover isn't blown so you won't have to judge me and I wont feel ashamed or have to explain why I'm perving out on someone that already belongs to me
when all that I really have to do is just ask him to do all those things to me that I love so much.
He just doesn't know just how much I really really love him.

by Tsbiyah Bat Yah

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Marital love is great, Sylvia. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks