CM ( / East Pakistan (Bangladesh))

Concern (2)

Every home is different!
Countries failed us hundred percent!
Nations are nasty, narrow!
With pain, suffering, sorrow! !

An Individual, a family, a tribe!
Must be upheld to survive!
Something I want to clarify!
Natural law, I want to apply! !

Give me power and I will empower you!
Don't go to their zigzag avenue!
Your fathers were not free and neither you!
Whimsical politics and wrongs, don't do! !

Unwritten Natural law is so naive!
Without countries we can survive!
To go back to state of nature!
Should be our targeted future! !

When you are in my caravan!
And you are my concern!
One world, one country!
No barricade and boundary!

by Chan Mongol

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