(20 November 1913 - 13 January 1999 / Muskegon, Michigan)


legato con amore in un volume
ciò che per l’universo si squaderna . . .

If what began (look far and wide) will end:
This lava globe huddle and freeze, its core
Brittle with cold, or pulled too near its friend
Pop once like one gun in a long-drawn war,
And the stars sputter one by one, the night
So empty judging empty’s out of date
(Space and time gone), then only, height on height,
Mind that impelled those currents and that freight,
Mind that after five days (see those days!
Regions all tropic one day, one all ice!)
Whistled man from the sea-moss, saw him raise
The blundering forepaw, blink from shaggy eyes—
If image, likeness in the ox-yoke brow
Long out of focus, focused mind to Mind—
Ah what unspeakable two and two allows
That silence huddle and all eyes go blind?
Our ups and downs—there! that remembered makes
Memory which is the single mind. How sweet
Carmine stars of the maple fumed in rakes
At 1350 such and such a street.
A thing to keep in mind. Yes and keep yet
When the vile essence violescence lies.
Once in winter by the richening sill
Quiet, the fireplace tiny in our eyes—
I mention this; there’s more. The Almighty will
Aeons late stumble on it with surprise.

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