Concrete Expectation

In long breaths expectations lead me to die
I want to take loan some times to omit sigh
Your love is one color in the coat of colorful life
The wings of heron flying on the village of blue sky
Endless youthful stream of Karnafully river and I
Live together in poisonous vapor of manufacturing dye
Dawn to dusk we're digging the pond of fate
Lucy quay of life closes all around the gate
In the bed of night coarse plaster captives us
Lingering expectation gland lives always detach


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Comments (23)

To detach oneself from having expectations takes a lot of practice.
Lingering expectation gland lives always detach. Great poem. Congrats on the poem of the Day.
As the heartless ones have already damned many rivers like Karnafuly, are damning people's expectations, hope, desire, dreams, youth, loosing corruptions everywhere, ..... Dawn to dusk we're digging the pond of fate, but aimless for corruptions thanks for sharing the poem
Concrete Expectation from the heartless ones is quite greatly penned, congratulations on being pod and thanks for sharing the poem with us,10
A beautiful piece of poetry that can withstand the tests of time. The opening line itself will draw a reader to go through with the whole write. Each line has been woven with the greatest imagery. The double bladed meaning of this wonderful write will provoke a reader's mind. Superbly penned.10+++and onto my Poem List. Congratulations!
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