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Concrete Mind

Ever butt heads with someone with a concrete mind?
You know the kind....
They're minds are thoroughly mixed up,
and if that wasn't bad enough.
Their minds are completely set.
Can't change them, I bet.

I'm not talking the occasional set in your ways.
Everyone has those throughout the day.
It's the all encompassing kind.
That really sets my nerves to grind.

Won't ever look at another's point of view.
They think they're the only ones who have a clue.
Some people call them hardheaded.
A cement blockhead would be better stated.

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Comments (4)

JO JO, Well said, some are just set in their ways. B.V.A.
Yes, I've met one here on PH actually, I'm not sure if there is help for him or not. Another great poem of which I like very much. Thankyou JoJo, it's always a pleasure to read your work.
Very well constructed. A concrete statement about the inability of some people to have and open mind. Best to make a U-turn and and avoid the wall. Liked this one a lot :)
Now look here I have my views solid and a bit confused don't see why you should blow a fuse you can believe, well, what you choose Ye see I know I'm wrong but that don't stop me bein headstrong! Ha, ha, ha, just kidding....