you walk beside me.
sideways glances -
inching closer;
reaching for my hand.
I frown, uneasy;
waiting for the heavy sigh,
knowing that it's myself I deny.
bleeding for your proof.

why do you reach?
what's in it for you?
what's your subconscious plan?
when it all comes down,
will you still want my crown?
does the pain in my eyes
make you more of a man?

my lack of grace
is your fallen pride.
the words come halted;
forgotten time keening.
temptation in vain,
as rust on this halo.
the pleasure was mine.
happiness is the issue.

why do you scream?
what's right for me?
what the hell do I do with this smile?
when they stare you down,
will I still wear this frown?
does the way I recoil
give you reason to stand?

by Stephanie Wood

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