I Am Slave

I am slave with no knowledge of the system. I am men with a vision and spirit. I am light, I am dark. I am slave that can't cross the road with dent be judge by the color of the skin. But want to be judge by contents of they character. I am black, I am green I am the true that stand and fight brewed the freedom fight I am the ghetto. I am African sold as slave to the states. I am the dream that start the revolution. I am worries that Inspiration the moment of victory I am slave forever stand for my nation I am the story tall that tall the story about the civil war. I am the blues song, who can make the music come alive. I am hart of African influences change. I am honesty strong young men that can't take the system anymore. I am next vision that can unite all nations. I am citizen journey to the end of the world. I am black and white that speak the true. I am slave that don't want to be savages from society I am slave to the system that is full with war and pain. I am next to see genocide of African get kill. I am slave that cry tear for freedom. I am slave that cry of change for the youth of today. I am Dr King stand and speeches about this dream about freedom and equal for all men I am slave that can accomplish want ever he put this mind in to it. I am freedom writer who writes about the violence and the in justice of police and gang violence. I am slave who try to uplifting there self from savages and hate. I am slave understands the way of the street. I am slave be profile in the system. I am slave

by Zion king

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