Conductors Mad

"What's going on up there! ? "
Oh no it broke again
Whatever will we do
The rails have broke apart again
Like they are held together by glue.

Constantly breaking
the conductor throws a fit,
but there's nothing he will do
so up on his pedestal is where the bellowing fat man sits.

Word gets around about
Something that can fix
For harder rails will be bound
For the end of the bellowing railroad pricks.

by Dillian Hansen

Comments (2)

For harder rails will be you mean to type found? ? it would make more sense to me. i like the poem more than dislike it. and should the quotation marks be used for more of the poem? bri ;)
and what grade did you get on your history project? ! fix/pricks ....nice rhyme, but who are/were the pricks? railroad officials? the poem makes it sound as though the conductor is/was responsible for the rails' condition. do you mean Conductor's Mad? as in The Conductor Is Mad. don't forget the apostrophe. minus 2 points! ! ! :) (to be continued) .........