(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

My Grandson

My Grandson

My grandson
When you smile,
My heart would beat for a while
When you smile,
The sky would come down
With rain, with joy
And hits the town,
And the whole world
will no longer frown

When you smile
Your pretty face would shine,
To light all human universe,
And mine,
So, may Allah bless
Your lovely face

Your smile would move
the sinews of my heart,
And every vein in me
With love would start.
When you smile
I see your witty eyes,
Glittering as colored balls
Full of lights.

Your smile branded
Our long dreary life,
With bliss and turned,
Our home into a bees' hive

But when you cry
And you always cry!
Why darling do you always cry?
I don't know why you cry?
Why do you often cry?
But any way,
When you cry
And your beautiful pitch goes so high,
Your grandma would leap so fast,
She could touch the sky,
To cast, on you, her thinly arms
With her very loving heart,
And soothing you on her chest,
With all her caring art.

Oh, our lovely thing,
you lovely thing! !
Our lovely beautiful human being! !

Hadn't you shown up,
We could have ended our lives
On a rocking chair,
Recalling our old days
By a lazy fire,
With dismayed eyes,
full of tear

Nodding, full with sleep,
And sometimes,
We may secretly weep,
Weep our long passing days,
Creeping with hideous fear!

But my Dear
Oh, my very Dear!
You came into our life,
Like a morning breeze,
And washed our worries,
With the greatest ease.
You stealthily came to revive,
Our old dreams,
To reclaim our lost glittering gleams
And enjoy life once again
With all our might
And regain
all the joy.

So, my boy,
My Dear boy!
Would you let's show
Our gratefulness?
And let us express
our heartily indebtedness?
For you have got us back
To the morning light
To fight our last fight!


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