So Internet

So Internet

Tip, tap, tick, tap, diddle, bop, purrrr
Answering the responses and the questions offered
Day and night and night and day
Tip, tap, tick, tac, purring away

The wind blows thru the leaves at dawn
As the fingers keep click, tap, ticking along
Communicating thru the lens so slim a spy
The thoughts and reflections of others from far and high

So many who've never met, never even seen
Only in images, thoughts shared on the screen
Living and committing every free moment of every day
To tip, tack, tip, click, clacking away

Some names are known from many years gone by
Some never met, not even as passer-by's
Some heard of in stories from far away
Some even neighbors who had lost their way

All graven images upon the LCD
All needing something that comes from this sea
All reaching out to be known and cared for
All drifting to and fro from shore to shore

What ever happened to the actuality
Of meeting one another and sharing thoughts over tea
Or playing some activity upon some board or field
Whatever happened to us being people who can build

This is our existence in the 21st century
Confined to a keyboard and a visual aide to see
To see one another and the postings all around
To read to scattered writings of thought grabbed or so profound

We can trust to a limit, but not to easily anymore
Because of all the dangers hiding behind so many doors
So we are just being's of this thing, so Internet
Until we leave this plateau and drift into eternal infinite

by Talile Ali

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