Woman's Help

Sometimes I long to write an ode
And magnify his name,
The man of honor, on the road
To opulence and fame,
On whom was never aid bestowed
By any helpful dame.

To all the world I fain would show
That talent widely known,
Rare eloquence, of burning glow
To melt a heart of stone,
That all his gifts, a dazzling row,
Are his, and his alone.

But him, of character and mind
Superb, alert, and strong,
I never study but to find
The subject of my song,
Some paragon of womankind,
Has helped him all along.

He may not know, he may not guess,
How much to her he owes,
How every scion of success
That in his nature grows,
Developed by her watchfulness,
Becomes a blooming rose.

From buffetings in humble place,
And labors ill begun,
To proud achievement in the race
And laurels grandly won,
His trials all she dares to face
As friend and champion.

The bars that hinder his advance
And half obscure the goal,
The stubborn bond of circumstance
That irritates his soul,
The countershafts of arrogance,
All yield to her control.

He builds a tower--she below
Is handing up the bricks;
His light is brilliant just as though
Her hand had trimmed the wicks;
He prays for daily bread--the dough
A woman deigns to mix.

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Comments (8)

Being a RC myself, I can appreciate the cynicism expressed here...great poem 10/10
OUTSTANDING poem! I give you a 10.
ha-ha, only a Catholic (or former Catholic) could write this....
They say once a Catholic, always a Catholic. Sure, maybe a lapsed Catholic, or drunken Catholic, or atheist Catholic. But still a Catholic. Very nice.
Indeed, she would sin again and again.....and again. She can not unknow what she knows - but does she really know she will sin again? does she really know she wiould LIVE to sin again? does she know that that day could be her last and that she would not have the occasion to sin anymore? does she know? Yes, fears dark clarity honed her senses, cluastrophobia makes her seek the open space, the fresh ain of a clean heart, and more. A truly remarkable poem, one that lives so firmly in the soul and makes us struggle to begin again and again even as we sin again and again. A 10+++
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