Confession! ! ! ! ! ! !

When the day of my end comes,
Almighty makes some plans,
He will ignore my guilty words,
As a judge ignores a convict.

Without any reasons I will go,
If the lord tells me to,
Because I am a dreadful sinner,
who paid not heed to any good.

I did sin, when I was born,
I was born to be a sinner,
Bad manners, bad things,
Bad ones, bad company.

I ignored mamma's words,
And back answered my father,
I never listened to my family,
One by one, everyone.

First I thought, they, kidding,
Persuading to forget, my company,
But then I remembered thy
holy words.....
Words of my mother.

Now I know, what is sin,
Now i am with dejected heart,
It is very hard to apologize,
Even to anybody.

God, you do what
You want to do,
I'm confessing with my whole heart,
Only you decide what to do,
And I will receive thy holy words............

by S.S Ralph

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Plz write some comments about me coz if u write, then only i will understand what mistakes i have done in my poem