LM (7/12/37 / Pawtucket, R. I.)


Before a farmer can sow his seed,
it will take many hours of his toil,
Removing rocks, stumps, and weeds
culivating to make ready the soil,
When the land is tilled and prepared
as well as it can be,
The planted seed will take root and grow
into a bountiful field he will see,

Our hearts are like the farmer's land
filled with greed, guilt, and pride,
We must confess it all to our Lord
those things within we hide,
This allows the Master to chip away
and remove what is sin,
Confession prepares the soil of the soul
so His fruit will blossom within.


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Comments (4)

Brilliant! Well worth reading. Every word completing the good message.Love Duncan
Confession prepares the soil of the soul, great line.......................
A great poem, beautifully written. It must be reassuring in life, to have such faith in God. Kindest Regards Slim. x.
to say words well and with utter humility gives a great peace as does this wonderful poem