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VKN Vimal Kumar N (september 24 1985 / Chennai)


Are you the one who painted my dreams?

then why took away the colors of my life?

All night i smile looking into the moon,

remembering that one walk along the seashore,

i hated waves until that day,

thanks to that big wave which scared you,

from then i hold you tight in my arms and heart,

i remember that saffron flower i bought,

it was least i could buy 4 u i thought,

but you held it like a priceless gem,

those sleepless nights of your sweet vocal cords

ringing melodies in my ears,

i keep dreaming about those nights for years,

my angel your sweetest smiles always bring me tears,

you are the heavenly star that fell on earth,

but now my heart is just a stardust,

my virgin lips still awaits the first kiss,

but to have it either i should reach heaven,

or you should fall again as a star!

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