Feelings remained for so long untold
True desires now I finally unfold
You are to me the brightest world
My everything you’ll be forever called

Pink inquisitive lips ask me no more
I couldn’t define what’s this for
I just keep you deep down in my core
From pains and woes you I shall armor

Each lovely day I think of you
Your eyes shoo away the gray and blue
A single thought of your spirit mild and true
Brings me to life always anew

I didn’t force this heart of mine
To fall for you in so short a time
Your being you makes me fine
Every minute in every clime

I am no ordinary, sick maybe
Hiding but not for eternity and forever will be
This foolish heart beats differently
Since you came and touch the very me

Now listen as I profess
You don’t have to think or guess
I care for you, my heart says
I love you, I now confess

by alejandro bernardo

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