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Confession Of A Judge

Though everyone knew that she was lying
The judge still believed her because she was crying,
Maybe he thought that he must believe in her story
Because he has a little girl, and not a little boy,
And one day soon his daughter another judge might be trying.

For enjoyment upon his farm he rides upon his tractor
He enjoys his wife and daughter calling him their benefactor,
But, for him that is where it ends at him remaining a male
Now he is controlled and believes in only the female,
To be a man, to be a man, he is now just an actor.

To this I think and maybe one day he might confess
Maybe this change accrued while wearing his robe (the dress)
Perhaps he got in touch with his own feminine side
Now he is scared of the male, so in the laws he will hide,
Now the woman in him, he will grow into and try to impress.

A man shouldn't be a coward and tell others to fight his own fight
He must stand on his own two feet and defend what he believes is right,
And the woman who lies because it is easier for a man to blame
And when a judge believes that woman, because of gender it is a shame,
To him I would say towards the man why the hate and all the spite.

The judge slams down his gavel upon the sound board
He declares a price on all men's heads as a just reward,
Men are all bullies and bosses he testifies to that
We must always believe and trust in the woman as they are a man's diplomat,
So says the judge, and so says his wife whom is his master and lord.

Randy L. McClave

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