JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)


As I look you in the eyes,
I can only turn my face,
as I must tell you something,
that I am not the one you know.

That many things are hidden inside,
things which should never come out,
and yet I will spill on you,
as you are the only one to judge me.

As you are the one I truly love,
the one who has always been there,
helping me through all the hard times,
and enjoying with me the good ones.

I must tell you that you are the one,
the one I want next to me forever,
bearing our children in your womb,
and being there at my last breathes.

As you are perfect in essence and giving,
kisses which move me like ocean waves,
hugs which are like dancing in the wind,
as even your touch makes me feel in heaven.

As I can no longer lie to you,
I can't stand to continue being your friend,
wanting to be more in your life,
the only one.

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Comments (4)

beautifully expressed! :)
Talk about telling it how it is! This one does it. No hidden message, bam there you have it. Hope she feels the same.
oooooh, doood -jumps up and down- ^^ THAT'S SO CUUUUUTE! ! ! ! ! TE AMOOOOOO! ! ! ! ahahaha, this is a rly good poem, javi. full of emotions and adorable-ness. i feel like evil giggling. lol. LOVE IT! ! ! ! ! <33333 <33333. May
I get what your saying i understand