Every day I pass by your window,
Half expectant of seeing you there,
Lost in thoughts
As you always were,
I wish I would chance upon,
Catch a glimpse,
Of an unexpected tear,
Rolling down to smear
Your pretty face.
Oh how I wish, I could be there,
Take you in my embrace,
At that moment,
Hold you close to heart and erase
The pain that was bent
On hurting you.
Every day I pass by your window,
Only to see it closed,
Foolish me to have supposed
Of any chance,
Of reviving the romance.
Then I hear you sing
In your melancholic voice
And I know 'tis for me you sing,
And to me a thought it brings,
Subtle though, it stings!
'I know why that caged bird sings! ’

by Avinash Nair

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