Confessions Of A Daughter To A Mother

Poem By Qeeony Luv

You mean the world to me you just don't know,
You're love and care makes me grow,
Just mom don't let us go,
Don't tell me the sky is the limit when I can reach the moon,
We don't want you to lose your glow,
A star so high you light my sky,
Do not surrender to losing,
Keep your head up high,
Mom, you are the only queen in my life
Mother, have you not heard?
You are the strength behind my roar,
Madre, me amor tu,
Mommy, your little girls now older and your age doesn't show one bit,
Mama, embrace life anew for you are young,
Feliz Cúmplanlos anos!

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What a poem! Good, .Qeeony Luv

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