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Confessions Of A Happy Person

Standing at the kitchen sink
My wife quips "you are one happy person"

It is right there and then I realized
I have been found out

Time to confess

I am one of "those" "happy people"
And a morning person to boot

I admit I am an ice -cream-aholic
Hooked on chocolate Rocky road,2 scoops

Left to my own devices I play hooky
My favorite vice mid day movies

Yes chick flicks
And I buy the ludicrously priced pop corn

Next up on the list a get away at the spa
Even if I fall asleep during the deep massage

Cruise ships are my Achilles heel
Where else do they make your bed

Feed you 24 hours a day
And you can hide from the world

My flexible job schedule allows for daytime bike rides
Who doesn't want to be a kid again wind blowing through your hair

The bane of my existence, poetry writing
Anytime, anywhere at the drop of a hat or spur of the moment

To espouse words of wisdom or not
And connect with family, friends and complete strangers

Yes, there are up and down days but as the saying goes
"Be Happy"

by Andreas Simic

Comments (2)

This is a great poem. Finding the joy in the simplest things in life is a lesson always worth revisiting. Terrific verse, Andreas.
Yes be happy and don’t feel guilty about it. Connect with family, friends and strangers. Enjoyed your poem. Happy holidays and a happy new year.