EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

You Say That Love Like Ours Lasts Forever

You say that love like ours
lasts forever
and I wonder how
to let moments last,
as if they never can past.

You embrace me with fire in every kiss,
with a look in your eyes
that enchants me.

You tell me that now for the first time
you know that you are living
and I feel the pulse beat in your chest
knocking under my fingers
while your nipple gets hard

and your bright blue eyes are really pretty
while you throw
your blonde hair
with a movement over your shoulders.

When you walk away
leaving a picture for my eyes,
your perfume still lingers with me
and I know how happy I really am

but a few hours later
you are forever missing
and the decision
has been taken by destiny for you
and the angel of death
keeps passing me.

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Comments (2)

yes, the old money versus happiness debate, except it's not old now because this little gem of a poem has breathed new life into it.
Ahhh surely we have all been here at least once in our lives...and perhaps even now.. Very nicely written...lovely poem! Hugs, Dee