TB (11-7-63 / Texas)

Confessions Of A Tortured Mind

Unsettled mind..
Distorted feel..
Trapped inside..
Nothing seems real.
Words left unspoken..
Flowing through the mind.
Lost in this shell..
Peace so hard to find.
Reflection in the mirror..
Fading away.
Begging for relief,
From all this decay.
Lost inside herself..
Her battle rages strong.
Why is this happening?
Where did she go wrong?
Imprisoned herself,
With the voices in her head.
Bringing no comfort..
But confusion instead.
Memory failing..
Of who she used to be.
A shadow cast on her soul,
She begs to be free.
Lost and alone..
She cries into the night.
Getting too tired,
To finish this fight.
Ready to give up..
Not caring anymore.
She'll never find the key,
To unlock the right door.
Running from herself..
Obstacles blocking her way.
She tries to overcome it all,
Will she...somehow...someday?
Madness settles in,
And makes itself at home.
Emotions locking up..
Her life is not her own.
Burnt out...so tired, so tired..
Her strength has reached its end...

Welcome to My World...
What a ride it has been.

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I like this poem the most out of the stuff of yours that I have read so far lol