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I was sad and so I thought
What was the problem in what I sought?
Was something missing, something gone
That work had made me so forlorn
And there I saw it, drifting away
My confidence and belief all in sway
Then it all started to break apart
I lost the faith to make a start
As time went by, I lost control
In my vain effort to reach the goal
But then I asked my confidence to return
So it would help me to learn
How can I help, it asked in reply
You must face the problem and not cry
I had to reply and let confidence know
I need you more than ever before
You take me high when I am low
So please stay with me, and do not go
I promise no more tears will flow
For when you are with me, I can't be slow
Confidence smiled and decided to return
Telling away the stress to churn
And there I stood happy and relieved
For my confidence had returned with all the belief!
Always believe in yourself!

by Athena 667

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