Poem Hunter
PE (July / Jamaica)


What is it? Really.
You often hear about losing it
But when did you gain
Enough to to meet your satisfaction

Was it age 9 or 12 or 21 or 25
Or the first time you discovered all those lies
Told to you as a child
Of the things that you will gain
If you eat right, study hard and exercise?

Why after it is gained is it so easy to lose?
If it is engrained and supposed to be etched in
Were the challenges of life or in just trying to stay alive,
Considered when they said just try hard and you’ll win?

I don’t know if I have that thing
That filters out the anger and pain
And replace positive thoughts in my mind
Cause with all the limitations and barriers
That I encounter on lives road,
I am amazed that I still have the will...to climb…

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