Confidence At The Collar

(It’s amazing what a popped-up collar
Does for a gent’s self esteem:
“Hey fella! with your turned-up Lacoste,
Mind if I turn it down a notch….“)

by s./j. goldner Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Great poem...I liked the ending lol. It had kind of a riot grrrl feel to it which I thought was cool. Top marks! -Michael
Hey Sus, I'm back here. Checking your stuffs don't fail me...worth reading. I can relate a lot to this stylish poem. I've noticed that how I express my self in public lots of times is affected by my get-up.Lots of humor and relevance to present day. Great job as usual!
they do say that if you want to know a man's taste...look at his shoe! ! ...i enjoyed the poem SUN...but i will leave it to you to fight the gender war...done a lot in my time...but a little tired now...and also realized that 'boys will be boys'...some mountains are best left alone...i respect my biseps, thank you...nalini
A very reverential look at the meaning of the Book of Job. St. Thomas Aquinas could do no more. Your deep understanding of Babylonian cuneiforms shines through. Also, it's very funny. Did I mention Hegel? You've obsoleted him.
As a devout people watcher, this made me smile. I like the subtle expression of time versus standards. This is why it's good to be a hippie, every woman loves a skinny white man in a dashiki, bandana, and sandals. ; -) A.
Cleaver poem and I'm certain correct, but I have so little style, I can't be sure.