A Wish

Lucky cheeks upon which
Ethereal doors of breath undulate
Opaque plea beneath which
Titanic fierce lust promulgate

Shelter me
Coalesce my injury

Oh my cherished Iris!
Undress my ego with your eyes
Fade the colours of your rainbow
They remain genuinely
the vanish ephemerally

Dwell on my ludicrous love
Rear my limerence up
From the peculiar nadir of infatuation
Up to the eccentric zenith of obsession

Oh my cherished Iris!
Keep me hostage
Torment me with glides of your lips
With your beautiful scent
Tie my soul up

Own me
Bless me
Let me own you

Oh my cherished Iris!
Be my panacea
Heel my bleeding heart
Amalgamate my trove sufferings
Into invincible attachment
Into flooding tears
Metamorphose them

Oh my cherished Iris!
I'm jaded
Oh treasure
Hone our story
Oh treasure
Sorrowfully love me!

by Imane ChK

Comments (3)

Magnetic and meaningful humor. I really like it. Anjali the poet's wart is a growth that come out over you eyes when you disobey the poet Leslie Ching. LOLLOLLOL... I could not resist... I am having a good laugh and that is wonderful.
hey whats that Poet's wart otherwise a nice comedy +++10 anjali
Silly, Fun, And a delight you are 10+Peace