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Confined: My soul.
Simply defined: My position in life means I must control.
I love him with half of my heart.
I give her the rest and that tears me apart.
I'm scared to lose him and scared of never having her...
never tasting her kisses.
never? never.
there's just something about her.
She moves me.
Something I just can't explain
tells me she could be
the one who could ease my pain.
My soul is confined and God it hurts me to hide
what is in my mind, who I am inside.
is everything I could want her to be
and I swear when I look at her I know she's the one...
the one meant for me but she can never be mine.
No. I can't cross that line.
Would that I could just be her girl,
her one and only I'd make her my world.
If I were free,
free to be me
but I'm not so I remain confined
and stuck inside an ambivalent mind.

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Langston Hughes


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wow.. I quite like it, its really well thought out. ♥