(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

Confining Walls

Winding stair cases
flooded halls
gossip, cliques
confining walls

Collecting aquaintances
enjoying the concept
talking, attire
pointless contest

Strained conversation
hollow compliment
friends, foes
being content

Forced knowledge
another's recommendation
failing, passing

True self forfeited
obtain originality
laugh, smile
treasure your personality

Open your mind
the halls will grow
expierience, love
people you know

Love the challenge
hate the stress
learn, feel
clean up the mess

It starts today
new attitude bloom!
lead, express
no more gloom

Winding staircases
flooded halls
gossip, cliques
confining walls

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Wow - lovely poem and well constructed. Read mine - In Debted - Adeline