Although difficult it may be,
To avoid conflict.
It is best not to be the one,
Creating it in the first place.
To then accuse others,
For being too sensitive.
When it should be understood,
People will lie on others to begin fights.
But should by now understand,
Their lives used to backstab them...
Is no reason to take it so seriously.
What difference does it make anyway?
Since those who intentionally start conflicts,
Just want to be notice...
For their ability to organize.
By bringing together people,
Who would normally speak to each other.

"Why can't you just mind your own business?
Why meddle in affairs not yours.
Your mind is out of control.
Especially if you enjoy,
Saying negative things about others.
To demean and belittle them.
Then think of this as funny to do,
Just for the attention to get.
Something is loose upstairs in the attic."

-Aint nothing loose up in my attic.
'Cause everything I got up there is packed.
In boxes.
You're the one that need to mind your business.
And clean your attic out.
So there.-

"Maybe you are right."

-There you go.
Trying to use reverse psychology on me.
Do I look stupid to you? -

"You looking for confirmation?
Or my opinion to suggest?
Which would you prefer? "

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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