Conflict Is All Kids Know

There is something about protecting to keep,
A child innocent and away from reality...
Eventually makes not one bit of sense.

'We must keep them protected.'

From what and until when?

'We must keep them protected from...
Realities of life.'

To then do what?
Medicate them on delusion?
Or kept realities that do not exist?

'Whose to say mental illness,
Has not become...
One of the most profitable industries?
And besides...
Who lives today without relying on myths?
Who do you know that lives 'mythless'? '

Then what is it we protect the children from?
To then blame them for being misfits.
And to do from a point of view,
Too few can identity as 'not' being normal.
And today...
Confusion and conflict is all kids know.

'That's not true.
Some know love.'

They all should know it.
Not just 'some'.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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