Conflict Of Interest

How can you make such preposterous declarations.
That I have a conflict of interest?
When each and every interest I have,
There is not one conflict...
Have I ever expressed about them.
And I would like to know this...
Who believes better than I do,
What my interests are?

'I 'think' you are misunderstanding,
Your position as treasurer of the committee.
You see...
You can not champion the act of integrity,
And then take the money you are trusted with...
To establish your own loan company.
THAT can also be construed as either theft or fraud.'

Make up your mind!
Are you accusing me of being a thief...
Without integrity?
Or one who maneuvers fraudulently with interest?
And may I add this to your unfounded claims,
Where am I suppose to have this conflict?
I am perfectly aware of my activities.
And I vehemently protest your absurdities.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Such absurdities are common this day and age. A conflict of interest is like having a key to a cage in which houses the right take as you fit. As if you have no boundaries. Limitations are less and less applied. In till they don't exist. Don't worry sir it's all yours. Well look the other way for the price you pay. Corruption is always denied. As if that will ever satisfy. The one looking expose what is beneath all those cloths. Mirror imaging the truth for a gain and to stain a mans name. Does he really have a heart gold? When will you ever truly know? Before its too late? Or after misdeeds have been aided and abetted. And will there any consequences for those mischievous little helpers? Don't sir if the price is right we will arrest them all. But first you must pass that law. And their is pause. Wait a minute isn't that what the last one did? For one to rise another must fall. Does it really matter the means? Why it most certainly does. For if similarities repeated, then changes will not happen. A boundless bound is such a approach, Come on lets step on these little cockroaches. Well do it together, if it makes the bidding easier.