Conflict To Start

Rushing to spend time,
Now found to investigate...
Reasons and why,
Something one has done...
To premeditate and do.
Can only be attributed to guilt.
Felt to feel to hope not revealed.
As one attempts to conceal their doing,
Of not knowing why or specified reasons...
A conflict to start,
Should have allowed to break hearts.
And relationships to split apart.

Now that culprit is the one to rush.
Offering suggestions.
Accompanied with unsolicited recommendations.
As to how to end and prevent,
What they did from the beginning to implement.
With lies told to tell on those not to know,
The one who pretends,
To convince of their innocence.
Seems more interested in being forgiven.
But leaves others to wonder,
If this is true...
Where were they?
And how is it they already knew,
More about how a conflict started.
To then recommend and suggest,
A lieing to do to then deceive others too...
Will stop and end all conflicts that begin.

"You seem to know more about,
How this conflict started.
Then those who have no clue,
Why they have been arguing with each other.
And you,
The only one to claim...
Knowing nothing about it or being involved.
Can you explain the reason why,
You are on your knees?
Begging to be forgiven."

This should not have happened.
It was not meant to get out of control.-

"What was not meant to get out of control? "

-My dramatic reaction.-

Why is it,
You are the only one,
Feeling your performance should be forgiven?
Even though dramatically insincere."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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