Conflicts Between Them Are Kept

Gone are the days of Amos 'n Andy.
But the Step 'n Fetchits,
Seem to have more descendents around...
To betray with a staging,
Their re-enactments as dim-witted clowns.

Gone are the days,
Are attack dogs and hoses used...
On those native citizens born,
Refusing to sip from separate water fountains.
Or to sit at the back of a bus if they don't choose.

But many historically who have been oppressed,
Protest this every now and then to regret.
Even though they allow themselves to repeat,
A living to redo those same old tired steps.

Gone are the days,
Are those afraid to confess...
Having freedom for them means removing,
Ignorance to address.

Many wishing say they want to ascend from it,
Feel guilt if they should dismiss this.
As conflicts between them are kept.
Since some believe they represent,
A keeping of a heritage meant and not to be left.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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