(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

The Dog's Loving Eyes

The eyeballs' jet, nielloed depths
With shining glint of vital life within,
With trust-reposing and faithfullest abandon.
They gaze at you serenely,
The dog's resting its muzzle in your human hands.

What can I find there when plunging in the depths? -
Innumerable ages of pristine and brutal strife;
Pursuits of savagery in desolate terrains;
Lupine persistence, perseverance and grit, -
And now dogged love for bipeds as I am.

What bonds, concatenation and rapport
Has made me a true apple of its eyes?
I've never met a truer brother-in-arms,
So helpful, so obedient of grace!
So buckled, fastened, glued to master-man!

There must be some divinity canine
Who's made us, humans, worshippers of dogs!
Wherever place you walk, whatever clime
You'l find the eyes, so staunch, sincerely pristine
Guarding your composure, and industry, and sport!

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