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Conformity? No Thanks.

Striving against the waves of conformity,
i look for my own style,
another reason to smile,
a way to stand out.
Individuality being my ultimate goal,
sometimes I have to make sacrifices
for myself,
for everyone else.
Being 'just average' is what i fear,
the ultimate insult,
a surefire way to tear me down.
Above average,
what i want to hear,
what i want to feel.
'Anything but average'
what i heard.
And i know it might be absurd,
but i don't know if i'm ready to believe that.
What if i fail?
Or worse,
what if i succeed?
What, then?

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hahe heha tehee teha well you know i'd dig this poem dear! ! ! : D love you bunches! ! !