Poem By Selena Star

i am loved by three perfect men
i want and adore them
but each of them have one flaw
it hit me one day, i cant have them all
one of them shall be my king
and on my finger he'll put a ring
of which will show his gratitude
but as of now i am confused
what is a girl supposed to do
when she hears the words, i love you
each of whom have a golden heart
a heart that holds the key to mine
which is why i wrote this rhyme
somebody will you tell me please
which one is the best out of these
one of them shall be my king
on my finger i wear his ring
of which shows his gratitude
as of now i am confused

by a very good friend of mine

Comments about Confused-06

i say eenie, meenie, mineey, moe works the best, but u can always just pick one urself
Either weigh their best and worst qualities against each other, or toss a coin. This is a nicely done, cute poem. God bless and best regards-Mike Gale.

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