HA ( / Canada)


It hurts,
That spot in your chest.
Where memories lie,
And your heart used to rest.

There's nothing there now,
Just a farmiliar ghost of heartache.
You'd think it would be better gone,
But being numb is so much worse.

He played with your heart,
Lost it and broke it so many times.
But then he ripped it from your chest,
And you've resorted to painful rhymes.

He played you,
Hurt you,
Won you,
Lost you and was done with you.

He walked away,
Leaving you with so much to say.
He left without a word,
And it hurts even to this day.

You want to hate him,
But you love him so much.
Even after your heart is gone,
And your spirit has been crushed.

You don't understand,
You're alone and confused.
You don't know what you feel,
Even when so abused.

You hate him and love him,
At the same time.
You have so much and nothing to say,
And inflicting this kind of pain should be a crime.

You love him and it's criminal,
You loved him then and still.
He is the biggest prick,
All across the world.

Say goodnight,
Whisper goodbye,
Hon don't cry,
Sleepless night,
Forget the fight.

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Comments (3)

Every word hits you deep down, Being numb does suck, im numb 75% of the time. And it gets so terrible you have to cause physical pain to feel something, to know your alive and its not a nightmare wonderfuly expressed
brilliant, i felt everyword
Simply awesome..all appreciations for this painful write that readers can very well feel the way you jot down in ur poetry. God Bless!