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Poem By AHO Speaks

God gave us life with a mind, body and a family in a nation or a tribe
Without intervention, influence or interferrence; as long as we tried
For too long man has ruled our world and his children too often died.

For God to have done otherwise humanity would be denied their choice
The gift of life was, is and always will be; thought, acts and with a voice.
To be a human being takes time, experience, and emotions to rejoice.

Some speak of the 'supreme sacrifice' as if it was unknown
Too often, too many times and all that is left; are names on stone
Mothers and fathers and those they loved; a whole family will moan.

Freedom, democracy and liberty are the words commonly used
Our children make the supreme sacrifice; often deprived and abused
If given the option to return to this planet of light; how many would refuse?

The bodies of our best are returned just as the bodies before
Words are the same, as 'brother killed brother'; in Lincoln's four score
Which one was lost? who had the answers, to close earth's violent door?

The energy of our hero's mind will always return to its source.
God will take care of its own and not have to use force
We are all the children of our God on loan to the living; of course.

We are like children whose story is part of a very big book
The covenant was our children, for we need only to hug and look
All energy of every soul belongs to our God, not to be overlooked.

Our world is a birthright to our children born to do what they can
Life is an equal shared responsibility between woman and every man
One without the other and the children become confused and lack a plan.

11-30-05 Aho Speaks


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