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When we are born, we have no fear
Our fear list is quite bare
But as we grow and stub our toe
There are many things which scare

Our parents tell us don't touch the stove
It's very hot and'll burn you
Don't climb the tree, you'll skin your knee
Oh, you fell, well that'll learn you

Don't cross the road, don't touch that toad
There's danger at every turn
That snake'll bite with all its might
Oh when will you ever learn

Most fears we have will keep us safe
From being burnt and bitten and bruised
But sometimes fears can be all wrong
Sometimes they can get confused

An evil skull and crossbones
Is usually stuck on a poison jar
We learn to fear it, stay nowhere near it
To eat it would just be bizarre

But sometimes there can be a mix up
It has been known to occur
A poison's absence is the fear
A catastrophic way to err

A cigarette addict has this fear
Implanted deep within their brain
They struggle all of their life
This poison within them to maintain

It's quite hard work keeping the poison in
Because their body wants to expel it
They try their best, they cannot rest
If only they could farewell it

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)

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I'm a smoker, without fear, just dedication and loyalty to my addiction. My body needs to be unhealthy, it craves poison. The more poison I can breathe in, the better. For me, remaining unhealthy is the only way to be happy. Health is utterly disgusting, and one day I'll make the entire concept of being healthy a myth, when I help big tobacco force the entire world to smoke numerous packs a day. Humans were born to smoke cigarettes, denying that is deplorable.