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TE Tessa Eichhorst (December 27,1985 / )


I don't know what to think
of you anymore, I don't know
how to act. You've made me
feel confused about everything;
I might even take it all back.
You treat me like someone special,
then turn me into your pawn. You've
confused me on how you feel,
we no longer talk.

Trying to hold a casual
conversation with you is the
the hardest part. It's hard
finally realizing how much you
don't mean to someone like it was
portrayed. I'm trying to let
you know I can't be hung on
a string.

I'm nobody's puppet, especially
not yours. I hope this isn't
confusing to you, it shouldn't be,
I don't mix-up my words. This
has been the most confusing
thing to me, but I may have
figured it out. Seeing at how
you've made me feel, makes me want
to sream and shout.

Just try one day to change your
ways. You'll confuse too many
people, and they'll no longer
want you to stay. I've finally
figured out my feelings, now you
turn for yours. I'm so happy
I don't confuse the people I
care for, because then they'll
walk out my door.

So I'll say this one last time.
I'm not a puppet, I don't have
strings, so please stop confusing
me; allow me to use my wings and
fly from your sight. I'm
no longer confused for I have
now figured it out. I'll just
leave this behind and begin a
new life. A life less confusing,
a lot less pain, and maybe we'll
be friends. Soon someday we'll gain
a life of clarity, a love of our
own, and this will be a memory,
a past of our own.

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