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I found the answers, but I can’t tell
Is this the person I want to know well? ?
The one to protect me through thick and thin,
The one that’ll be there till the end? ?

Will he save me from life’s fight?
Bring me out of the darkness where there is light? ?

I don’t ask much but there’s one thing I need;
Someone to hold, a hand indeed.
I don’t want someone perfect, for that I’ll never find
All I want is someone that’s kind.
Someone that understands me no matter what.
Don’t even care if he looks like a mutt.

Confused and troubled searching for a way
Yet here I am with nothing to say.
Is this for real?
Or am I imagining this whole ordeal?
Do I like the thought or the sound?
That someone will tell me they’ll always be around?

I’ve confused my feelings with what’s really there
And here I’m left in despair.
Why do I do this, tell me now? ?
I don’t know why or how?
I’m just lost, searching for a way
Maybe I’ll find him... someday.

Until then I wait,
Sort things through
And in the end I turn right back to you.

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