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SJ (19960822 / Kingfisher Regional Hospital)


Sometimes I feel like I don't even exist like if I was gone right now would i be missed, some things will answer themselves, looking back I changed myself but I'd rather live back in the past where I remember being happy last. Sorry I failed to meet societies standards, I'm not normal. I go above and beyond to make sure you're happy even when I'm feeling under, I guess I do care too much.. I feel love but absolutely hate lust, this generation made life real tough, I'm empty, alone trying to find hope in this world that's so cold, lost and confused I don't know what to do, my minds fuzzy, heart racing still pushing to get through. Is it really worth what you say, wasting your breath on a lost man trying to find his way, by myself I'm independent, no help needed, I'll finish. This life and it's struggles got me winded yet I'm still winning, coming out strong even when I'm weakest, never give up that's what my parent teaches. Reaching for a new start, a beginning. One that'll last a longer than these feelings. Doesn't matter how strong i am, when life hits you hard you wish it'll end. Waking up facing, realizing I'm still in hell got me hating, everything in this life keeping me waiting, to see, the rest of my family. R.I.P. to all deceased, I'm missing every single one of you till I'm put at peace. I'm not happy and haven't been, life's only getting harder to withstand so maybe when it's over this life I'll understand.

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A poignant piece, Samuel. Thank you for sharing. I wish you peace