Poem By Joseph Walrath


Things you say the way you are
I searched my life wide and far
Prophecies told my whole life
Of the one to be my wife
Searching through turmoil of mine
Looking for the eyes that shine
Spirit and soul must be pure
This quality I am sure
Looking long across the globe
Seen panties, bras, and a robe
No sign, nothing to be found
Empty souls without a sound
Unsure of my path today
Trying not to be a stray
Blindly following my heart
Even unsure where to start
Can’t decide to stay or go
Giving up and saying no
Taking a breath make a choice
Faintly hearing a soft voice
Smoothly and softly spoken
My heart was quickly broken
No drag, drops, or even bangs
Just a woman bearing fangs
A clear light shown from above
To reveal my one true love

Comments about Confused

i love the way you really put yourself into your poetry so people can see the emotions in them.
'You'll wait a long, long time for anything much To happen in heaven beyond the floats of cloud And the Northern Lights that run like tingling nerves. The sun and moon get crossed, but they never touch, Nor strike out fire from each other nor crash out loud. The planets seem to interfere in their curves - But nothing ever happens, no harm is done. ' R. Frost I quoted this poem because I used to believe in serendipity. Having found the 'one' I can tell you, the waiting was the best part. When the 'one' left me, I understood what it all meant...even the cleaving. But of everything that happened from the time I started waiting for him, and the time we were together, and the relentless hours I've weathered in his absence, I gained the most from the waiting... maybe none of this makes sense to you, but this is how your poem spoke to me...pen on!
this is beautiful...notice that ur name is printed twice? lol this poem is practically bleeding with accuracy. best wishes

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